Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vitamin Angels

Mission Statement: “Vitamin Angels is dedicated to reducing child mortality by advancing availability, access and use of essential nutrients to newborns, infants and children under five.”


My donation: $5

Seriously? How cute are these kids:

I’m totally the sucker sap who cries at those Sally Struthers, “Feed the Children” commercials. But, I’ve never done anything about it.

Interesting facts I learned in my research:
· One third of all childhood deaths are caused by undernutrition
· Vitamin A deficiency is a leading cause of childhood mortality and blindness
· Vitamin A deficiency can be cured with a simple capsule every 6 months, and can reduce childhood mortality by 23%

But perhaps the most compelling thing I learned? The cost to provide vitamins to one child for the first 5 years of life (which are the most critical years) is ONE DOLLAR. That’s it. A dollar. So, basically, for the cost of the tall latte you’re sipping right this minute, you could have treated malnutrition for ~3 kids.

Inspired yet? I just saved 5 kids. What have you done this morning?

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  1. Hi Betty!

    The VA team just wanted to say thanks for your donation! We appreciate your help in trying to spread the word about our cause and bring essential nutrition to children worldwide. Keep up the great blog ;)!

    The VA Team