Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Donate books

Another freebie! And timely too. Lately, I’ve been feeling like A and I are outgrowing our space, not because we need more space, really, but because we just have TOO MUCH STUFF. Stuff that we don’t use, don’t need, probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place, and it is crowding us out of our home!

I went on a mini- cleaning binge and pulled together a nice stack of books destined for my local public library:

I love our library. It’s really small, walking distance from our place, and the librarians are really friendly. Did you know that you can call and ask them if they have a book, they’ll look for it, and if they do have it, they’ll pull it from the shelf and save it for you? Total time saver. (Because I can’t tell you how many times I have walked up there only to be disappointed that the books I was looking for were out on loan.)

I guess I should probably suck it up and pay my overdue fines when I drop off the pile of books this afternoon…

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