Sunday, December 6, 2009

National Gardening Association

Mission Statement: “To promote home, school, and community gardening as a means to renew and sustain the essential connections between people, plants, and the environment.”


My donation: $5

The description from the giving calendar had me really psyched about today’s charity: “$5 to buys seeds for enough veggies to feed a struggling family of seven.”

Awesome. Feeding the hungry with homegrown healthy vegetables? I’m actually feeling a little bit jealous that this hungry family gets to eat better quality produce than I do (since the extra 2 hours I got sleeping in this morning was more important to me than dragging my slightly hungover butt to the Farmer’s Market.)

But I digress.

I browsed out to the website, but the information I found there makes the organization sound more like a gardening education program than a charity devoted to feeding the hungry with (cost effective) fresh vegetables. I mean, yes it is important to instill the value of gardening in children, and yes, I’d like to know which plot of my backyard is the ideal section to plant my vegetable garden…but, well, I feel a bit mislead.

I’m still making my donation, but Glamour: next time, please don’t mislead readers about the mission of the organization, k?

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