Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feed a cold, starve a....landfill?

Oh Glamour, I have ever so many bones to pick with you (and your 31 Days of Giving Calendar).

Today's suggestion: "Starve a landfill. Make this a 'no wrapping paper' year - use newspapers, even the pages of this magazine, instead."

On December 29? Don't you think it just might be a little bit too late to be thinking about wrapping my presents for the holiday that passed, oh FOUR DAYS AGO!?!

Logistics aside, I did make a concerted effort to use as little wrapping paper as possible this year. Among my tactics - recycling wrapping paper and gift bags from last year and using creative scraps of paper leftover from crafting projects.

Ultimately, I did have to use some wrapping paper. But, I didn't buy any. Either before the holiday or at the 50% off day-after sales. Mostly, because I saved so much paper by re-using what I had, that I still have plenty to get me through at least next Christmas.

Feel's pretty good actually.

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