Friday, December 18, 2009

Running errands...literally

I love Fridays (when I work from home). I love December in Southern California (helllllloooo 75 degrees and sunny). And I especially love running errands. Literally.

This morning, I brought our car in for service. One of the many MANY perks of leasing a BMW is the free maintenance and the shuttle service. Correction. The ONE-WAY shuttle service.

Not such a big deal for your average two-car family. A and I however share our one car (now there's a story for another time) which has never been problematic. Except for when we have to take our one and only car in for service. The service center is nice enough to bring us back home after we drop the car off. But when it's ready for pick-up? Sorry Charlie, it's up to you to get back there.

Thank goodness we live a whopping 3 miles away, so I've taken to running back to pick up the car when it's ready.

Today, we piled on an additional jaunt to the grocery store first, and from there I continued on to the dealership while A walked the groceries home and cooked us up some lunch.

Seriously - I don't think there is any way to improve on errands (well, barring a fairy godmother loaning me her wand...that is.)

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  1. what?? No loaner car? should have kept the lexus :)