Friday, December 18, 2009

GoGirlGo! Fund

Mission Statement: "[To] support...non-profit agencies providing sports and/or physical activity programs for girls along the Gulf Coast whose facilities and programs have been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina."


My donation: $5

The GoGirlGo! Fund is the primary program adminstered by the Women's Sports Foundation. The purpose of the Fund is to combat the physical health problems that affect a large proportion of young American women and girls. The Organization (supported in large part by the GoGirlGo! Fund) encourages girls to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Something very near and dear to my heart.

Literally every Organzation I have researched so far this month has reminded me of the sad conditions facing so many of the people both in this country and across the world. And while I feel strongly about so many causes, obsesity is one that really socks me in the gut every time. Did you know that 25 million children (under the age of 17) are overweight or obese? That 15-30% of girls aged 16 & 17 report that they get NO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AT ALL on a daily basis?

The most basic premise of this Organization is that if kids/girls are involved in sports, they'll be too busy to fall into some of the worse traps that await them, such as drug use, underage drinking, and a whole host of other unsavory behaviors. Not to mention the fact that they will be improving their health and their quality of life.

(Images courtesy of Women's Sports Foundation)

I appreciate what the Women's Sports Foundation is doing for these girls.

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