Thursday, December 10, 2009


Mission Statement: To help as many nonprofits and schools as possible…[by] funding the great works they are doing.


My donation: Free!

All day today, instead of Googling things, I am GoodSearching them. I’ve left the browser up on my computer and every time I need to look something up, I’m clicking over to GoodSearch.

One thing I really like about this site – you get to choose which charity your search supports. I chose the Susan G. Komen International Headquarters (since I was mildly disappointed that none of this month’s charities supported breast cancer.)

Good Search also has a link which demonstrates how much funding has been raised in support of each charity, broken down by month and number of searches. This page also explains (in much better detail than the Care2 site) how using the site benefits the charity. Namely, “50% of the revenue generated from advertisers on GoodSearch is shared with the charity.” I’m presuming then, that GoodSearch uses the data (i.e. which charity user’s select) to track the advertising revenue generated by each search. That’s the good news.

Now for the bad news… estimated funding is just over $0.01 per search. Yikes that’s low. For the entire 2009 year, the Susan G. Komen foundation has only earned $375.82 from over 35,000 searches.

If any nerds inquiring minds like me are curious how pay-per-click advertising works, and what exceptions there are to the GoodSearch model, I highly recommend visiting their FAQ. Seems as though there are several searches that won’t qualify towards donations (like searching for commonly known URL’s ahem, Facebook and Hotmail, searches for anything ending in “.com”, and many other exceptions.) This is GoodSearch’s intelligent way of preventing fraudulent use of the site to artificially drive advertising revenues.

Will I still use GoodSearch? As long as the search results are comparable with Google, I’d rather have 50% of my generated ad revenue going to charity than 100% of it ending up in Sergey Brin’s pockets.

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