Monday, December 28, 2009


What is it about Christmas that makes you want to put the rest of your life up on a shelf for a few days, and then, only much later, when you're fully rested and recovered (and slightly bored...) go pick it back up again?

For me, the past few days have flown past, and I'm not quite sure what I did.

I know what I didn't do - blog.

Another rapid fire posting for the last several days' charities:

In this economy, 36% more families are struggling with hunger. For $5 at you can provide 20 bags of groceries to food banks around the country.

If you knit (which I do not...) you can send squares to to be worked into an afghan that will be given to women's shelters. Or you can take the easy way out (like me) and just donate cash...

A donation to International Medical Corp enables them to provide life-saving services by training health care professionals to care for their own communities. You know, the whole give a man vs. teach a man to fish... concept?

And finally, at the I DO Foundation brides and grooms can link their wedding registries to their favorite charities to generate funding for their favorite causes. We haven't created our registry yet (though after spending the better part of yesterday in Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table, I'M READY) but I'll be sure to link back to it when we do.

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