Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week one recap

Running - 5/6
No equal - 4/6
Pick up - 6/6

I learned some things this week:

1. It is a lot easier to keep things orderly by doing a little bit at a time. And those little bits really aren't that hard.

2. Some things just taste better a little sweeter (coffee, Greek yogurt, breakfast cereal...) but don't need to be anywhere near as sweet as I made them.

3. Running everyday makes me happy, and running in the morning puts me in a better mood for the whole day. It might not be practical to run EVERY morning, but on those days that I can, it's definitely worth dragging myself out of bed to run. Especially if I get to run at the beach :)

P.S. In case anyone wondered, I'm still treating myself to new running shoes - one more lesson learned this week - you really can't put too many miles on your shoes. My feet are none too pleased with me right now.

Week 2 resolutions to come tonight.

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