Friday, August 7, 2009


Does (some variation on) this shot look familiar to anyone with a grandmother? photo courtesy of Cooking Light

My Nana used to pare fruit like this ALL the time. Holding the object of dissection in one hand, making quick work of peeling, chopping, dicing. She was so fast, her steady knife skills most likely owing to her years working in the local cannery, but I never understood - why not just get out a cutting board?

Enter today's revelation. My recent cooking frenzy, coupled with this week's Resolution #3 left me with a happily humming dishwasher at lunch today (all cutting boards inside...) What to do?

I took a page from my grandmother and pared a peach, just like she would have - and finally, AT LAST! I understand - paring with just your hands saves you from washing ANOTHER cutting board.

I'm converted. I used my newly found skills to make this:


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