Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At long last

Today, I replaced these nasty beasts:

With these!!!

(Aren't they pretty?)

The guy at FrontRunnners chuckled at me when I complained that the shoes he suggested didn't come in more 'girly' colors. Call me crazy, but I would like my feet to both feel AND look nice when I am running. (Yeah, so no thanks on the all black running shoes - who am I, MJ? Notsomuch...)

I've already put the new shoes to good use - a nice hour long run tonight. Bliss!

I've spoiled my feet in more ways than one today. However, the other is (erm, well) slightly more embarassing. I got these cute new work shoes over the weekend:

photo courtesy of Easy Spirit

Yes. So as the photo credits clearly indicate, I am now 93 years old, and buy my shoes at Easy Spirit. From a shoe salesman named Herb. No joke - the Westside's modern day equivalent of Al Bundy. He was SO nice though, and the shoes are comfy...I'm officially old.

(I would like to state for the record, these shoes are in the "Style Watch" category on the ES website, so, while I may be old - at least I am kicky! I've still got the styles, oh yea.)

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