Monday, May 31, 2010


Today my treadmill and I hit a significant milestone:

A couple weeks ago, I realized I was creeping really close to the 1,000 mile mark on my odometer, and decided, 'what the heck - I'm going to get it to 1,000 before June.' (Nothing like waiting until the absolute last minute eh?)

Kidding aside, this is a significant milestone for me, not just because 1,000 miles is A LOT of miles (and, does not take into consideration all of the outdoor miles I log) but because, never in my WILDEST dreams, did I think the chubby little girl who used to make herself so sick before school on gym class days, that she got to stay home from school just to avoid failing (again!) at chinups, situps, jog-a-thon, or whatever torture was on tap for the day, would become an accomplished runner.

Running has truly evolved into my hobby. I've been running for 234 days straight as of today, and truly, it no longer feels like 'an obligation' that I have to do, just because I set out on this crazy mission to run every day for the year before my wedding. My runs are something I look forward to every morning, something that feels as ordinary as drinking water, checking email, taking a shower. It is a part of my routine, that is so ingrained now, that I can't imagine ever stopping.

I am so glad I am not that intimidated little girl anymore, who didn't think she could do it. More than anything else (toned legs, cardio endurance, license to eat brownies...) running has given me that, and I wouldn't trade the confidence for anything in the world. Except maybe more brownies.

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