Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trail love

The weather here in Southern California the past couple weeks was absolutely beautiful, and what better way to take advantage of the sun than HIKING!

I first hiked the Mt. Wilson trail about 2 weeks ago.

To say I love this trail would be a HUGE understatement, considering I've already been back to hike it 3 times since then.

But really, how could you not love a trail that starts out with this adorable little place:

Has stunning views:

Fun hiking companions (hi Kiki!):

Frequent scenery changes:

And ample shade:

Oh I know. The BOULDER that stopped me in my tracks! Exhibit A:

I was too chicken to go bouldering over this bad boy. (Actually, that is not entirely true...I tried, and then cut my hand in the process. THEN I chickened out).

It was FREEZING this day, and we were ~5 miles in already. The altitude gains on this trail are significant, so it was MUCH colder at the top - about 50 degrees, compared with the 65 at the trail head.

Although the weather has reverted back to gloom, you can bet that as soon as the sun pokes itself out again, I will be back at Mount Wilson.


  1. I love hiking and want to do more of it. We have a favorite spot here in AZ, but I really need to venture out to some new trails...I'm kind of a chicken so I stick to what I know. Stop on by my new blog. :)

  2. Oops, forgot to say it's

  3. hey! that's awesome! I've been meaning to do that hike... it's on our "list"

    It's nice to read about someone in the area!

    I just went to Wholefoods (arroyo) to look for that Amazing Grass shaker bottle you mentioned- and THEY SOLD OUT!! I was so sad!!

  4. Oh no! I guess it was too good a deal :)

    Hope you get a chance to do the hike, it's really lovely. (We went AGAIN this weekend...)

    Ditto on the area...are there other bloggers around here? If so, point me in their direction!