Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outfit inspiration

So, it's never to early to start planning one's Honeymoon wardrobe, right?

I saw this image on AT (seriously digging the "must-have outfits" tab) and HAD to recreate:

Until then I saw this one on BR:

At which point I realized, that the perfect solution would be to combine them all together into ONE AMAZING SUPER-OUTFIT*! (Commence wild shopping spree...)

Imagine if you will, the top 1/2 of outfit 1 with the bottom 1/2 of outfit 2:

Clockwise from top left: Shawl Collar Tunic - Ann Taylor; Dusk Til Dawn Hobo - Red by Marc Ecko (Macy's); Floral Linen Scarf - H&M; Inka Boots in Cognac - Steve Madden (Macy's); Skinny Jeggings** - Celebrity Pink (Macy's***).

* Sound familiar to any Friends fans? "Hat's are back." (Rachel) "And this time, they've all ganged up to form one giant SUPER-HAT!" (Chandler) Anyone, anyone?

** Yes, I own something called a 'Jegging'. It's a jean legging. The 80's are back and they are NOT going anywhere. Get used to it.

*** Yes, Macy's is having a CRAZY sale, on top of which, I somehow persuaded the woman in front of me in line to 'loan' me her 20% off coupon. (Thank you!)

All told, the damage was under $200. Not bad. (P.S. Did you know that Ann Taylor offers a 20% student discount? I ain't too proud to beg, yo.)


  1. LOL! Looks like you had fun! Where are you two going on your honeymoon??

  2. We are going to Barcelona, and taking a cruise to Monte Carlo, Nice, Florence, Rome and Majorca. Yes, shopping is so fun :)

  3. OMG... a late response, but your honeymoon sounds to die for!!! Enjoy soaking up every second of it. The honeymoon is the best part of the whole wedding process!! Uninterrupted time to just BE!