Friday, July 9, 2010

3 more months

It's July 9th.

That means only THREE.MORE.MONTHS.

Three months! (Commence panic attack)

Three months to:
* Find supplies for our favors
* Start dress fittings
* Buy shoes to go with the dress
* Taste and pick food and wine for our reception
* Panic
* Nail down the ceremony
* Find the groom's suit, and shoes
* Meet with the DJ and pick music
* Get a marriage license (where does one get one of these, anyways? Does it take long? Am I behind? Ack.)
* Panic late into the night
* Run 340 more miles
* Collapse into heap of rubble

This wedding planning business is some time and labor-intensive, scary stuff.

But, I have no fear. I'll get it all done.


Because tonight, I am going to be preoccupied with THESE:

That's right. Figs are back in season! We got a HUGE 2 lb container at Trader Joe's last night and they are DELICIOUS. I think I've consumed about 10 of them already...

On tonight's menu:

(Image courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Yep, that's right. It is pizza friday after all.

Yum. I'll deal with the stress tomorrow.


  1. oooh i cant wait for you to post your fig pizza recipe.. Ill be ommiting the cheese of course. I 've bought figs from farmers market the past two weekends!

  2. Definitely not behind on the marriage license - if I remember correctly you have to procure it within 30 day window of the wedding or it expires :-)