Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ode to Beethoven

So, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in a simple, non-descript row house in Bonn, Germany back in 1770. And everyone, I mean EVERYONE in Bonn is hell-bent on making sure that us stupid American tourists know it. I think they're really proud or something, (though it's not like anyone actually KNEW the guy, sheesh).

Exhibit A: The original LVB statue in Munsterplatz:

Exhibit B: Decorated LVB imposter statues (also in Munsterplatz):

Exhibit C: Three of my personal favorite LVB renditions:

(Liberace LVB, Finding Nemo LVB, Ronald McDonald/Elvis LVB)

Exhibit D: The birthhouse itself (complete with commemorative plaque:)

But I think it was perhaps our clients' suggestion that tonight, "perhaps we might enjoy going to see the opera?" that I decided enough was enough. And so, I have this to say to the proud citizens of Bonn:

ENOUGH already. I get it. Beethoven was a famous guy, a great, prolific musician, and the pride of the Rhine River valley. But at the end of the day, there are only so many statues and buildings one can look at before it gets a little, well, boring. Its' not as though the statue plays 'Ode to Joy' or anything interesting like that.

Also on today's itenerary was a morning run through Poppelsdorfer Allee (in a failed attempt to find the Rhine):

Can you tell it's September? Fall definately hits earlier in Germany than it does in Southern California. It even smells like fall in the morning, complete with obligatory drizzle. It was lovely, actually. I can't wait for tomorrow morning's run.

This time, hopefully I'll be able to find the river...

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