Monday, October 4, 2010

Goals and Milestones

It may be a rainy, dreary day outside, but so far it is shaping up to be a lovely day for me.

Why, because I hit 1,000 miles today. A whole 5 days before the wedding.

Back when I set this crazy goal, I was WAY below where I needed to be to hit the 1,000 mile mark on October 9th. So, I stepped it up a bit, and apparently overcompensated. Oops.

But have no fear. I'm going to continue to run every day this week. We'll see where I end up after my run Saturday morning, mileage-wise.

More importantly, I've loved every day of this past year so much, that I've decided I'm not stopping. I'd love to say I'll run every day FOREVER, but I'm not really sure how realistic that is...

For now, I'm adding on another year. And a couple more goals:

1. Venice Christmas Run, December 11, 2010 at or below 55:00
2. Pasadena Half Marathon, February, 2010 sub-2:00:00
3. Nike SF Marathon next October...? (If I can get in through the lottery)

That should keep me on my feet :)

It's been a fantastic year of running. Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way.

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