Monday, June 7, 2010

4 more months...!

Four months from today I will be waking up as "Mrs." I'm kind of in shock. We've been engaged for almost a year, I've run 559 miles, and, yes, I've set myself another wedding goal.

Hitting 1,000 miles on my treadmill last month was such a fun accomplishment, that I've decided to hit 1,000 miles on my wedding day. So, that leaves me roughly 441 miles to go before October 9. (Or, about 3.6 miles a day - not too bad.)

Motiviation is TOTALLY not a problem. I picked up my wedding dress yesterday. Remember this beauty?:

It's hanging over our bedroom door (concealed in a garment bag, don't worry) for at least the next couple months until I start alterations. So both the motivation and the means to my goal are sitting within 998 square feet of one another - and me.

In other wedding-related news, we picked a venue for the shower! The lovely Malibu Wines came highly recommended by a friend (Hi Kristin!) and was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for, but unable to find.

Check it out:

Naturally, being at a winery, there will be some sort of wine-tasting related activity - what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, no?

I visited the winery with my family over Memorial Day weekend. As we were leaving, the live band was just starting to get set up. I really think that if I hadn't had dinner plans, my sister and I could've just stayed there all night, and shared a bottle of wine.

I mean - seriously, this place has Adirondack chairs! Was it made specifically for me?

But, the real clincher, and what made me know deep in my bones that THIS was the shower venue for me? The swing.

I am a sucker for a swing. So much so that I forced my dad to build one in our backyard growing up (by which I mean, when I was in high school.)

So naturally, after a few minutes on this swing, the deal was sealed.

Now, I just can't wait to bake these to serve at the shower:

(Photo courtesy of Tessa at Handle the Heat)


  1. 4 more months! The countdown! I remember Rick and I had a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the "100 days 'til" mark!

    Can't wait for your fabulous wedding and fabulous shower! Love the dress - is that the one? (The hubs-to-be must not check your blog!)

  2. Lol Yes, that dress is THE ONE! He has already seen the dress. Just not on me...

    Wow - we're really close to the 100 day mark - can't believe it!

  3. It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see you in it!

  4. can't wait to see you in that dress! p.s that oreo looks dangerously good..

  5. OMG Steph, we baked a trial-run batch today, and they are SO delicious. We'll try to save one for you for promises though ;)