Friday, July 31, 2009


This is what Friday nights typically look like in our home:

(please excuse the clearly amateur-quality photograpy and lack of lighting...)

We usually kick things off with a bottle of wine and some homemade pizza (on Trader Joe's whole wheat crust, of course) but tonight we met up with friends for happy hour, and grabbed some *embarassing* fast food on the walk home.

And then come the chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I make (quite possibly) the world's best chocolate chip cookies, and, in the spirit of sharing, I'll post my recipe...eventually ;)

We usually make 2 dozen, eat 'til we are full and then freeze the rest. Originally, freezing the leftovers was meant to slow down the pace at which we inhale the cookies. Unfortunately, in a fit of impatience, we discovered that these cookies actually taste better frozen.

Needless to say - they don't last very long (and there are only 2 of us!)

So - what weekend traditions do you have in your home?

On tap for this weekend:

pilates here
a massage here
dinner here
a bicycle ride to the beach with my sister and her hubs
a beach picnic
and plenty of this:

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